Hualu Flower Leisure Farm
Flower Herb
No. 43-3, Xiping, Xiping Neighborhood, Zhuolan Township, Miaoli County

Introduction of the Spot

A Colorful and Beautiful Flower and Herb Garden Continuously Making Improvements

Flower Home (Flower Dew Leisure Farm) is a tourism and leisure farm founded more than 30 years a. The founder Chen Ji-neng has been passionate for flowers and plants since he was little. He has also studied Chinese medicine and medicinal herbs. In the early days, he ran a flower business in Taipei and developed creative landscape potted plants. As he loves to eat tangerines, he visited a tangerine orchard in Zhulan and bought it to build a farm. This was the first step in the creation of Flower Home.
In the beginning, the Farm was named “flower way,” symbolizing the owner’s determination to take his own path with flowers. Later, it was renamed “flower dew” because the owner hopes the Farm can moisturize the piece of land like dew in Taiwan.
During the mid-phase, the Farm was transformed into a leisure and tourism farm. And in response to the trends of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, Chen Ji-neng not only started to grow herbs but also acquired an aromatherapist’s license by taking advanced studies in the UK. After graduating, he also founded his own aroma research and development group to promote fine processing of flowers and herbs. Now, in Flower Home, visitors can appreciate flowers and herbs as well as join diverse experience activities through food, crafts, health and aromatherapy, herbal product application, etc. so as to deeply understand the infinite beauty of flowers and herbs.