Heidou Garden
No. 11-12, Taomi Ln.,Taomir, Puli Township, Nantou County

Introduction of the Spot

A Restaurant Serving Pesticide-Free Vegetables Coexisting with Insects

By looking at the sign, one would think Hei Dou Yuan in Taomi Eco-Village a restaurant mainly serving fresh fish. Yet, in fact, the restaurant serves dishes made of a variety of fresh ingredients from its own vegetable garden. The owner, Huang Qiu-ian originally ran a Japanese restaurant in a big city. Later, in order to take care of his elderly father, he chose to begin a new business back home. That’s how the business of “farming and growing vegetables while cooking and running a restaurant” began. “Coexisting with insects” became a major feature of Hei Dou Yuan. The owner emphasizes that “all dishes are made of ingredients grown without pesticides” because he hopes that guests can enjoy each delicious dish safely and hopes that they can have fun growing and picking vegetables in the garden under the guidance of the owner.
From May to September, during the bamboo shoot harvesting season, you can pick bamboo shoots and then the owner would cook the freshly picked bamboo shoots for you. You can be satisfied with “eating local and seasonal food.” From November to December, you can know more about water bamboo under the interesting guided tour by the owner, or even put on waterproof fishing waders and pick water bamboo in the field. You can gain a deep understanding of the taste “from farm to table.”