Orz Shrimp Club
No. 1, Dongxing Rd., Wunan Vil., Kouhu Township, Yunlin County

Introduction of the Spot

A Land of Safe Shrimps Subverting Tradition and Making Breakthroughs

Orz Shrimp Club was founded by local youths of Yunlin returning home to start new businesses. It is located in Kouhu Township, where there is constantly over-pumped underground water and an unbalanced ecology. To bring back the previous glory of the land, eight “orz men” born in the 1980s made up their mind to start a new business in their home town. Bearing in mind the idea of “earth-friendly and natural cultivation,” they insisted on cultivating fish, shrimp and shells together in seawater without toxic chemicals such as pesticides or medicine. They built the fish farm into a small circulated natural eco-system, achieving the balance of coexistence and co-prosperity with the land.
Here, besides enjoying fresh and natural seafood, visitors can also learn more about shrimp ecology and shrimp culture through a variety of creative and interesting “shrimp experience” activities. Visitors will gain a thorough understanding of how hard the new-generation fish farmers work to make their contributions to food and fishing education and develop the leisure fishery industry in addition to a thriving seafood business.