Tea Coffee
No. 127-2, Neighborhood 4, Leye Vil., Alishan Township, Chiayi County

Introduction of the Spot

The Park is affiliated with Yuyupas Alishan Mafe Coffee Manor, growing about 2,000 coffee trees, mainly Coffee Arabica. Its annual yield is about 2 tons, and in addition to the yield from the coffee garden under contract, its annual yield is nearly 8 tons. It can be regarded as the coffee manor producing the most coffee in Alishan. Yuyupas Alishan Mafe Tea House mainly grows oolong tea and Jin Xuan. With the beautiful landscape of the tea garden and superb tea production, the Tea House has been honored as a “highlight tea house” by the Agriculture and Food Agency. Visit Yuyupas, and you will know Tsou culture under professional guided tours and your five senses will be healed by od quality tea and coffee. Also, you can gain a deep sense of the beauty of Alishan through unique the Tsou cuisine and international-level indigenous dancing and singing performances.