Cats Sky—Cai-En Farm

Introduction of the Spot

A succulent paradise hidden in the mountain clouds in Dongshi.

Departing from the National Freeway, continue driving toward the remote mountains in Dongshi. The road gets narrower and narrower until it becomes a winding path only one car wide. The scenery suddenly gets brighter as if you've reached a secret land in the clouds. Cats Sky - Cai-En Farm is straight ahead. The wide mountain landscape is refreshing. The dreamlike grass extends along the hills. Plants, succulents, flowers, herbs and other potted plants everywhere are youthful and healing. What was once a simple orchard has been transformed into a succulent paradise at the mountaintop. This is attributed to the owner, Huang Cai-En.

Huang Cai-En is obsessed with plants, and originally lived in downtown Taichung. Three or four years ago, she founded the orchard in the mountain in Dongshi. The environment is so beautiful that she felt like settling down here and made a living by growing flowers. She said that every plant and tree grown in each corner of the Farm was planted by her. She originally grew plants as her own passion, but gradually became a professional plant grower, mainly growing succulents. Many succulent fans visit the Farm to buy potted plants and experience the healing nature of plant growing.

The Farm is covered with nearly one thousand different kinds of succulents. Tourists can pot their own plants.

Growing flowers is not only an industry but a way to express one’s lifestyle and passion. The Farm pays particular attention to the living space, growing succulents and flowers in planting areas of all sizes in the style of a garden. The types of plants grown here are not only diverse, but look incredible. Over 1,000 different kinds are succulents and there are over 50 different variations of flowers. Through a guided tour of the Farm, tourists can learn more about the living environment of succulents and flowers from the quality of soil to fertilization. They not only learn about plant growing, but can experience the beauty of flowers.

In addition, the Farm contains a succulent potted plant DIY area. Participants can plant a variety of succulents in the pot along with small ornaments to create interesting and diverse decorative nature. The Farm also provides lessons for tourists to learn how to plant and cultivate flowers, and assemble pots on their own. Different succulents can assembled in the same pot. The succulents are like glittering jewels in a colorful jewelry box. Through these DIY activities, tourists can have more fun growing plants and flowers.

代表性景觀:小小喵的天空放有多種可愛裝飾,看起來具有童趣又相當療癒。 小小喵的天空內有餐廳可提供遊客享用無菜單料理。
小小喵的天空內多肉植物品種多達上千種,看得令人目不暇給。 小小喵的天空有兩處種植多肉植物及花卉專區。
整個園區的小徑旁都種植各種品種多肉植物。 遊客自己選擇喜歡的多肉植物,組成屬於自己的盆景。 小小喵的天空提供無菜單料理,使用花卉或香草入菜,透過預訂就可品嘗。