Mushroom Garden

Introduction of the Spot

Tourists can pick mushrooms and rear chickens at this mushroom-ecology Farm

Xinshe Flower Festival is an important event every autumn and features gigantic mushrooms emerging along the winding road spraying bubbles like spores in the breeding season. This is the first impression of the Mushroom Garden. Like a Japanese station, tourists cannot help but stop by to see what is inside.

The Farm is often buzzing with parents taking their children to pick mushrooms here. Bamboo baskets in hand, both adults and children come here to pick mushrooms, have fun, and have some family time. There is also a secret place in the mushroom farm. Chickens are reared here and grow up feeding on mushrooms and running around the vast grassland. You can pick fresh eggs in the chicken coop and make delicious boiled eggs.

Chuang Hsueh-Fu, who used to work in the construction industry, established Mushroom Garden. Due to his health, he settled in Xinshe with the beautiful mountains and clear water around him, and got involved in mushroom growing. He said that in the ecological cycle, mushrooms play the role of decomposers, helping plants absorb water and nutrients through symbiosis and coexistence. Mushrooms can convert pressure into energy for growing and breeding, completing the ecological circulation.

Pick mushrooms and learn the secret ecological circulation of mushrooms

Although mushrooms are the decomposers in the bottom layer of the food chain, they have amazingly strong energy. The Farm grows up to 13 different kinds of mushrooms in shiitake bags, including regular mushrooms, brown swordbelts, king oyster mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, black fungus, ganodermas, and more. Adults and children visit here to learn about the ecological function of mushrooms and the different types of mushrooms through appearances.

Tourists can pick mushrooms on the farm, feel the texture of mushrooms, and have a fun time. They can also experience the feeling of a mushroom by putting on a raincoat while a pressure water jet falls on them to understand more about how mushrooms grow. Under the concept of a circular economy, the Farm connects mushrooms and chickens by offering simple and interesting cooking activities, during which they can also learn more about food and agriculture.

After harvesting mushrooms, the Farm produces a series of goods, from delicately packaged dried mushrooms, mushroom crackers, mushroom chilies and other specialties, to a variety of mushroom dishes. The Farm offers a full experience, satisfying tourists' senses.