Toucheng Leisure Farm
Fruit Vegetable
No. 125-1 Gensin Rd., Toucheng Township, Yilan County

Introduction of the Spot

A Paradise with Rich Rural Village Culture

Toucheng Leisure Farm, located along the northeastern coastline, covers more than 120 hectares. Besides a large stretch of bamboo, there are fruit trees, flowers, rice fields and vegetable gardens. As early as 1979 when the Farm was built, the founder, Zhuo Chen-ming was devoted to establishing the farm as a paradise for farmers in Taiwan so that they could “be healthy and happy, and experience and learn.” Under the principle of “respecting life and learning from nature,” the founder cultivated the spirit of “agricultural production, natural ecology, and rural village life.”
Besides the main buildings of the farmhouses, the Farm includes a rice culture area for visitors to experience the life of a farmer as well as orchards for kumquat, tangerine, passion fruit, and wax apple picking and organic vegetable gardens with different harvest timing according to the change of seasons. In addition, the Farm makes od use of agricultural production resources, especially the designing of produce DIY activities such as vegetable pot plants, oval kumquat jam, oval kumquat bread, etc. Visitors can fully experience the process “from farm to table,” deeply enjoy the fun of getting close to the land, and discover the beauty and contentment brought by nature.