Dajin Agriculture Leisure Area

Introduction of the Spot

Tourists go crazy picking fruit at the "home of the fruit. "They pick vegetables and cook in the rural kitchen.

The Dajin Agriculture Leisure Area is close to the Meihua Lake Scenic Area, Dongshan, Hanxi Indigenous Settlement and other tourist attractions. With flat terrain and Dagou River and Luodong River flowing by, this is a simple and quiet mountain village. The alluvial gravel soil is well-drained. The air is clean. There is a lot of rainfall here. This place is suitable for growing fruit-bearing trees. The area includes Dajin Organic Farm, Peach Farm, Song Mao Orchard, Nong Lai Farm, and other tourism orchards. Growing peaches, mulberries, waxapples, guavas, persimmons, kumquats, Fermonts, Tankans, honey pomelos, kumquats and more, this place is the famous "home of the fruit." In addition, in recent years, Spirit Farm has been promoting the "rural kitchen," a complete farming experience activity for tourists to pick vegetables, and cook and serve the dish on the table.

Dajin Fair is particularly lively on holidays with its plentiful fruit and vegetable stands set up by farmers who adopt eco-friendly farming methods. Besides the famous stores that open on weekdays and holidays, the more than 40-years-old Shun Jin Preserved Fruit Store sells more than 10 kinds of preserved kumquats. They mainly purchase local kumquats in Dajin Village. On average, they use up to 55 tons of kumquats every year to process them into preserved kumquats of various flavors. Sanxing Green Onion Peanut Brittle from Liu's Peanut is a must-buy as well. Chun Ji Maltose Pastry and A Xia's Store are also very popular.

During customized package tours, tourists can make safe food themselves.

The Dajin Agriculture Leisure Area contains diversified tourism orchards. As the "home of the fruit" visitors can pick fruit every month. Tours are also customizable depending on visitors' interests and needs. There are packaged tours for half-day or one-day tours, community cultural and ecological guided tours, fruit travel tours, rural kitchen experience, and more.

The fruit travel tour includes picking fruit, and tourists can then make jam with honey peaches, honey pomelos, passion fruit, pitayas, and other fruit they've picked. They can also make fresh fruit tea, such as honey pomelo juice and honey black tea. This is a drink with original ingredients without additives. Throughout the process, the guide explains to tourists how the new "honey pomelo" is grown as a combination of pomelos and grapefruit. The rural kitchen experience leads tourists to harvest vegetables to experience the fun of being farmers as well as cooking safe food with their ingredients.