Special Agro-tourism Spots Certified

Rooted in the essentials of agriculture, recreational farming in Taiwan is built on service quality and cultural sense, aimed at establishing signature brand names and veering the industry internationally as the fundamental basis of recreational agro-tourist industry.

In 2010, under Professor Lin Yue-xiu’s assistance, the Leisure Farm Service Quality Certification System was promoted in order to guide leisure farms to enhance industry service quality, strengthen industry management efficacy and become the benchmark of the industry. In 2016, Prof. Wu Zong-qiong worked on research and empirical evidence on how to build the popularity of leisure farming culture, reinforce agricultural production features, expand applicability and stipulate the “special agro-tourism spot certification system.”

Vision and Objectives


Certification Indicator

The certification system is an action strategy with strong guiding orientation. By strengthening the agricultural essence developed in agricultural tourism in combination with food and farming education, rural village environmental education, sixth-industrialization, health and therapy education, and other content, it promotes agricultural tourism features and further reinforces Taiwan’s leisure farming brand.

Agro-tourism has become an important part of leisure activities in Taiwan in recent years. For people in Taiwan and abroad to join in featured farming activities, landscape around the farm with rural features is specifically selected, such as forests, rivers, mountains, and the sea. By showcasing rich natural ecological resources and emphasizing ecological resources and sustainability, a farm is constructed under the standards based on whether the overall environment presents a rural atmosphere, whether the tourist can experience a farmer’s pace of life, and whether the overall business philosophy and strategy of the farm’s featured products are included.