The Taiwan Leisure Farms Development Association was founded in 1998 as a non-profit organization under the Civil Organizations Act. It aims to develop leisure agriculture and rural tourism in Taiwan and has nearly 200 member farms. It has also been supported by officers from the Council of Agriculture under the Executive Yuan, scholars, and other business owners. Our mission is to bring the academia, the government, and the industry together for a better future of leisure agriculture and rural tourism.

Special Agro-tourism Spots Certified

Rooted in the essentials of agriculture, recreational farming in Taiwan is built on service quality and cultural sense, aimed at establishing signature brand names and veering the industry internationally as the fundamental basis of recreational agro-tourist industry. The system of the specialty certification has an ostensible guiding action strategy, through which the quintessence of agriculture can be solidified. The brand names of recreational agriculture can be polished with the inclusion of agro-food education, rural environment knowledge training, six-level industrial stratification and health care/therapy.


Through the association, we lengthen the value of village, share knowledge, and inherit power of happiness in hope that Taiwan farming can be shaped into living space fitting tourism and residence for youth to return and root in hometown, farmer can retrieve dignity, and village culture can go on. Everyone is able to "Enjoy leisure and experience felicity".


In 2015, Tourism Bureau of Taiwan host Muslim Restaurant Certificate recognition in line with Chinese Muslim Association, organizes counseling programs and rigorous audit standards in recognition process for Muslim restaurant environment development.


Fruits in Taiwan are mainly tropical and subtropical. Temperate fruits also can be planted due to hillside terrain and mountains. We have seasonal and all-year-round fruit. Welcome to learn more about fruit in Taiwan!