Certification of specialty agro-tourist areas is a system of evaluation of touristic core values centered upon agriculture. It is also the only certification regime in Asia for tourism. The purpose is to promote quality of agro-tourist themed areas and provide a referential basis for tourists. The goal is to establish specific brand names dedicated to such industry and facilitate competitive recreational agriculturally oriented.


The connotations of this Logo:
  1. Taiwan - a beautiful and passionate island.
  2. (F) stands for farming - Buffalo's horn stands for the agricultural productivity, The color of golden brown symbolizes harvest; buffalos are the representative of diligence and endurance, a symbol of Taiwan farmers' spirits.
  3. (A) stands for forestry - Mountains stand for natural ecosystems, The color of green symbolizes leisure; mountains are the symbol of nature magnificence, meaning the leisure farm industry has been standing firmly like the mountains.
  4. (R) stands for agriculture - Farmers stand for experience for life, The color of red symbolizes passion; Farmers welcome the visitors from afar, with their most passionate and amiable minds and attitudes.
  5. (M) stands for fishery - Flowing water stands for the rural life, The color of blue symbolizes eternity; water nurtures the spring of nature, symbolizing the abundant resources contained in the farms for visitor to explore and experience.