Introduction of the Logo

This Logo has been registered and is a copyright of the Association. This Logo is  the identification of the "service certification" for the member leisure farms of the Taiwan Leisure Farm Development Association, which helps tourists identify whether a farm's service is certified. The efficacy and application of this Logo are described as follows:

  1. The Logo is printed on the "Leisure Farm Service Certificate" which should be placed on a easily visible spot in the leisure farm, such as the entrance, service desk or the ticket booth.
  2. Certified farms can use this logo on its website and promotional materials, but should not make any alteration of its contents.
The connotations of this Logo:
  1. Taiwan - a beautiful and passionate island.
  2. (F) stands for farming - Buffalo's horn stands for the agricultural productivity, The color of golden brown symbolizes harvest; buffalos are the representative of diligence and endurance, a symbol of Taiwan farmers' spirits.
  3. (A) stands for forestry - Mountains stand for natural ecosystems, The color of green symbolizes leisure; mountains are the symbol of nature magnificence, meaning the leisure farm industry has been standing firmly like the mountains.
  4. (R) stands for agriculture - Farmers stand for experience for life, The color of red symbolizes passion; Farmers welcome the visitors from afar, with their most passionate and amiable minds and attitudes.
  5. (M) stands for fishery - Flowing water stands for the rural life, The color of blue symbolizes eternity; water nurtures the spring of nature, symbolizing the abundant resources contained in the farms for visitor to explore and experience.