The Taiwan Leisure Farms Developing Associaton (TLFDA) was founded by the owners of leisure farms as a non-profit organization in 1998 under the Civil Association Act, so as to assist upgrading the agriculture into leisure farms in line with the goal of LOHAS development, at the same time to serve as the bridge connecting the academic, government and the industry together promoting the development of leisure agriculture in Taiwan. Moreover, while driving the development of agricultural economics forward, the TLFDA also carries the responsibilities associated with social education and environmental protection, assuring stability and sustainability of farming villages to create greater social values. We at TLFDA sustain the value of farming villages, share their knowledge, and pass on the power of happiness, inspiring to shape Taiwan's farms into travel destinations and transforming them into lifestyles of choice. By doing so hopefully youths will return to the country, farmers may regain their pride, and rural villages continue on with their culture. Everyone may “enjoy leisure and experience happiness.”



Implementation Team

      In TLFDA, the highest body is the General Assembly; the Board of Directors makes all the decisions; the Committee of Supervisors acts to supervise; and the Secretariat serves to implement. The Secretariat is tasked to enhance service quality, build a taste for cultural and to create brand value through its promotion of “ quality, taste, and brand” , so as to carry forward the four values of “production, Iivelihood ecology and life” of leisure farms. The organizational departments are as follows:   

Administrative Department:: In charge in the management of the Secretariat. It constructed the www.taiwanfarm.org.tw as a platform for exchange and sharing of knowledge and experience on leisure agriculture.   
Human Resources Department:Established the Taiwan Leisure Farms Academy, and is responsible for promoting certification and accreditation of leisure farm project managers, and the incubation of managerial talents. 
Industrial Department:In charge of relevant legal  requirement compliance, promotion to certify the service qualities of leisure farms, and building stable and high quality  brand of leisure farms.       
Marketing Department:Responsible for new products R&D, developing international tourism markets, and to “ construct Taiwan for global promotion” from a global localization perspective.     

Taiwan Leisure Farms Academy

      The Academy of Taiwan Leisure Farms formed by the TLFDA inspires to pool and consolidate strengths from academic and industrial fields as well as NGOs, to becoming an incubator of talents and a develo pment/knowledge source of leisure farms. The Human Resources Development Committee of the TLFDA is responsible for the planning of the Academy; and the Human Resources Department of the Secretariat , is in charge of its promotion. The Academy includes Consultancy Taskforce, Training Center and Knowledge Platform: the Consultancy Taskforce is responsible to create new industrial value; the Training Center is responsible to incubate managerial talents; and the Knowledge Platform is responsible for knowledge construction and heritage inheritance. 

Consultancy Taskforce

      The Consultancy Taskforce, made up of professionals, academics and industrial elites, is tasked with the sustainable development of the industry, and to press forward four developmental objectives  use knowhow to promote the operational management and to enhance the service quality of leisure farms; innovate and R&D the industry helping farms to create new values; form technological, industrial and academic cooperation, as well as to introduce professional techniques from the academia; cooperate and exchange on the international front, connecting with the global communit 

Training Center 

      The Human Resources Development Committee, comprised of experts invited by the TLFDA from the industry, government, academia, and the research field, is in charge of the Training Center, responsible for competency mapping, constructing a databank of trainers and teaching materials, collaborating with leisure farms to set up training centers throughout Taiwan, and to build a systematic “selection, training, certification and placement” of an all-in-one talent incubation system, so as to develop middle level and senior executive talents in the leisure farming industry. 

Leisure Farms Certification System of Service Quality

      Council of Agriculture, Taiwan Leisure Agriculture Association, and the TLFDA joined forces by forming the Service Quality Certification Committee, so as to promote the one-and-only certification system in Asia - the Taiwan Leisure Farms Service Quality Certification System, which is divided into consumer-side “Service Quality Diagnosis” and professional/academic-side “Service Management Selection” .                                                                                                                                       .
      Through methods to certify service quality, flaws may be discovered. Through jobs training and benchmark learning, as well as Secretariat management guidance, assistances may be given to help farms to improve. By doing so the goals of enhancing service quality of leisure farms and to establish a brand name will be achieved.